Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ahlifiqir, Irama Berima is out in stores!

Finally after the long wait has ended, a year since the last album, Rap untuk Rakyat. the third album irama berima is now released. a pretty good respond towards the initial launch previously held at Hard Rock, many was speculating Sam's no show, which it was all good. A lot of support from the industry peeps too, shout out to Dina, Altimet and The Fab Cats Crew that came through. cop it it at a store near you! selamat berpuasa!

1. fiqir fiqir ft Art Fazil
2. biarkan
3. Derita Merindu
4. Janganlah Pergi Mawar
5. Fantasi ft Yasin 

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